Collide With Me (Always Only You: Book 2)

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Collide With Me

Callie Andrews is a fun loving party girl. She changes guys like she changes shoes. Once a guy starts to show any sign of attachment she runs. Loving her freedom and not wanting to settle down. Why should she? She’s young and has plenty of time to find “The One”.

Aiden Taylor has been with more girls than he can count. A life on the road doesn’t leave time for anything serious, but he has always felt like he’s wanted more. Like something was missing.

When their lives collide and they spend a passionate weekend in each other’s arms, Aiden is done for. He knows Callie is exactly what has been missing in his life. Will Callie feel the same? Or will she run like she always does?


Collide with me is the second book in the Always Only You Series. A series of new adult contemporary romance books. They are all stand alone books but it is recommended to read them in order.


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