Reviews Given

Summer’s Temptation (Vandeveer University, #1)
by Ashley Lynn Willis

Oct 15, 2014

5 stars

Read in October, 2014


Probably one of my favorite reads this year. Thanks for letting me read and review your book. I can’t wait to read the second 🙂

I love Tyler. Who doesn’t love a hot bad boy with a heart. By the end of the book my heart was melting for him.

The book had me laughing and melting throughout. I loved all the side characters as well. Liz and Hannah seem like great friends and Freddie what a sweetheart. I’m glad he is figuring everything out.

Now Cassie. I really loved her. I could relate with her heartbreak and not wanting to risk it again. I love how she started to get stronger throughout the story. Though she is definitely oblivious to her effects on the male species.

Great writing of a great book. Thanks again


Chasing Luck (Serendipity, #1)
by Brinda Berry

Oct 15, 2014

4  stars

I want to start by thanking you for letting me read your book. I have to say I really enjoyed this book. From the first chapter it had me engrossed. It was very well written and I connected really well with the characters.

I felt so bad for Malarie and all she had been through. Then again for Ace as we heard his story. I enjoyed there relationship and all the tension they fought for so long.

I enjoyed the whole mystical element the box brought to the story giving it a different feel than your regular new adult romance.

All in all very good and I will definitely reading more of your work. Starting with Collins story as the teaser already has me wanting to read more.



Kate L. Mary
I really enjoyed reading Collision. It was different then your average New Adult book.

I liked both of the characters as they grew on me really quickly. Derek is a freaking sweetie. He’s so good to Kira following her around as she goes on her journey to find answers.

I like that he’s not your overly muscled male that you usually see in books. Though he is a hot one. He also comes off more realistic. Also knowing he was the school nerd in high school to me makes him even cuter.

I like Kira, not love but like. I did feel for her though. Especially when she actually found out who he was. She seemed to be a confident, intelligent and strong girl.

I wasn’t to found of Steph. More like I just didn’t really get the point of her. I mean I guess she gave some insight into Derek’s past and how he had changed. It makes me wonder if she will come into play it the second book though.

All in all it was a really good read. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.



Clare James


What a great hot and steamy read.


I really liked Ari. I was able to really relate to her. Being raised by a single mom who gave up everything for me. As well as being a mom though luckily not single. I felt what she was going through. I myself was a teen mom and I know how strong the love for your child is. I really respected her for that and for how strong she had been through everything.

Tristan, Tristan, Tristan what can I say. At first I really didn’t like him to much. Not able to understand how he could hate her so much. Until I learned the whole story and how he just didn’t know everything. He thought she just left him and he was heartbroken. Then he started to how his real colors. He was really just a sweetie in disguise. Oh and when he was with Cade it made my heart melt.

I thought Amelia was great a wonderful mother and grandmother and Cade seemed like such a little sweetie.

Though I didn’t see any reference to it, I am guessing there is a second book. I hope so because I really want to read some more about Ari and Trist.

Thanks for allowing me to read your book. I really enjoyed it.


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