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Unbreak Me by E.J. Logan

Heather M‘s review

Oct 12, 14
Read in October, 2014

This book was sweet, funny and heartbreaking all rolled into one. This book is about loss, friendship, love and finding happiness.

Ari is the girl next door, she pretty, smart, has a great boyfriend, she has it all…or so she thought. Since returning from school her life has spiraled out of control. The one she trusted the most was the one who broke her, physically and mentally. I was stunned at what happened to her and my heart broke for her. How do you move on and trust again? You start over, have friends and family who support you and learn to slow trust. Even though she is terrified this is exactly what she needs. She needs to get her confidence back and learn to be around the things that terrifies her most….love and men. She is introduced on the phone to Caleb, there is something sweet,funny and comfortable about him. Can he help her get herself back???

Caleb has seen his fair share of loss and he is broken on the inside. He doesn’t do relationships….no love allowed. However after talking with his cousin’s old roommate and now his future roommate, there is just something different about this girl…he wants to fix her.

As they build their friendship the attraction is there for both of them…talk about sexual tension….Wowzers….some of those dreams. The banter between them was funny, relaxed and you could tell they cared about each other. I was rooting for them right from the first phone call. They both need each other and both is similar, but yet different ways.

The other characters in the book…loved them…Callie, Aiden, Jake, Tess and the rest of the elite eight(I need some of them). Perfect friends for Caleb and Ari. They added some more flair to the book.

This book was good and it will suck you in. You will love Caleb, then hate him, then love him. Ari is a girl you can relate too. She is easily lovable and I loved her spunk. I loved how their relationship started and was wanting them to get their HEA! E.J. Logan does a fantastic job getting you to fall in love with her characters and sucking you into their lives. Can’t wait to read the next book!

Debbie Hughes Great book! Had me on page 1 and could not put it down! Wonderful story, easy read. Laugh, cry and fall in love with this book!



Lisa Fallon‘s review on Unbreak Me (Always Only You: Book 1)

Oct 06, 14

5 of 5 stars

bookshelves: r2r, na-ya-romance, favs, tear-jerkers

Read on October 06, 2014

absolutely brilliant I loved this book it was such a heartbreaking, heart warming story of love,loss,family and friends.
from the first page I loved Ari and couldn’t believe at only a two chapters in I was crying. I just really felt for Ari and her situation and as much as we should hate Kyle once we read his letter you can feel your heartbreaking and how much he loves Ari.
Caleb Caleb Caleb tut tut tut what a man, loved him from that first phone call and even though a few times I wanted to kick him up the ass I couldn’t hate him, I loved the banter and closeness that develops between Caleb and Ari, how sweet is It that the notebook is their film and Caleb picked! major boyfriend brownie points 🙂 watch out book boyfriends Caleb Carter shouldn’t be underestimated :).
I so want me personally meet the “elite eight” a group of hot males all different but all smoking hot!! ouch!
I absolutely loved Jake and Tessa what a pair! and Aiden we all need us an Aiden around cannot wait to read his and callie s story, as we know them just not deeply as this was Caleb and Ariana story.
I’m not normally a fan of authors writing the same “scene” twice but from different views so like we get Ariana view of events then we get the same events but from Caleb`s point of view normally it would it annoy me but the author really made it work and I loved reading it from both views,it helps in the case of the Aiden and Caleb situation and some might think that Ariana is a tease but see how Ari feels we know she isn’t nasty and isn’t using Aiden she generally wanted friendship and hoped for maybe more in the future as she thought she didn’t stand a chance with Caleb.
this will go into my favourite pile as I really enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next book 🙂

Angelica Demonica‘s review

Oct 06, 14

bookshelves: gifted-by-the-author, friends-then-lovers

Read from October 05 to 06, 2014


UNBREAK ME…..Awesome book!!! Totally sucked me in!!!!!!

What I LOVED about the book was that it not all about Ariana falling in love with a guy…..
It’s about Ariana and how she changed after what happened to her and how she fights the battle she was forced into……
It’s about the process she went through of being put together……of UNBREAKING!!!!

I recommend this to everyone that loves a good romance with lots of background and strong character and those who just love to read. 🙂

I would like to say thank you to the author, EJ Logan, for the book………THANX

Candiefloss‘s review

Oct 05, 14
Read on October 05, 2014


3.75 ‘healing’ stars.Unbreak me

*I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*

After reading the blurb I was excited to make a start. Wow! What a start it was. I was on the edge of my seat, quite literally speechless after only ten minutes of reading.

A series of revelations, events and consequences leave the heroine with a heavy burden to bear on her shoulder’s. I couldn’t even imagine being in her position. Not only having to live with what happened to her, but also to have to live with ‘his’ subsequent action…It’s gut wrenching really.

I must admit, I was a little worried moving forward. It was going to go either one of two ways for me; an emotionally dark roller coaster which would have no doubt left me with a book hangover, or a satisfying journey of self discovery and determination. Much to my delight it was definitely the latter.

Ari, although she wasn’t without her faults, was great. As damaged as she was, her determination to not let her past define who she was, her strength and ability to push forward was admirable. She had an amazing support system; great friendships, family to hold her up, and a fiercely protective roommate 😉

I loved Caleb, admittedly he was frustrating at times, but he had a certain vulnerability about him that had me rooting for him regardless. Can I just say… Eight hotties, all close friends… Um can I get an invite to the next party! Damn!

There were some very… Complicated relationships going on that at times gave me a little whiplash. It could have been a cluster F waiting to happen, but I think the author handled it nicely. Bravo for that. In fact I think all of the delicate situations were handled well!

Friendship played a huge part in this book and it was refreshing to read a book with such a huge pool of friends.

Loved the epilogue, although I’m not sure what the point of the dose of drama was? I can only assume it might come up again in a future book.

Looking forward to reading Aiden and Callie’s book. I loved Aiden!

The book was littered with lots of little errors, particularly the first half. Incorrect punctuation, wrong words which I can only assume was the result of an autocorrect feature? But it did get better towards the end.

Overall, I really did enjoy the story of Ari and Caleb and their journey towards healing and happiness. With a good edit, it would definitely have made a solid four stars from me.


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